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A neglected car means higher costs. We can provide the right services for your vehicle to keep your costs down and keep your money in your pocket. Simply rotating your tires every 6 months will keep the life in your tires, if your car is pulling to the right or left, it is advisable to perform an alignment on your vehicle. This will also keep your tires wearing properly. Brakes should be checked every 6 months as well to prevent improper wear such as grinding and grooves in the rotors.


With every new set of 4 tires you purchase we offer complimentary rotation for the lifetime of your tires. We don't charge extra to mount and balance your tires like the other stores do. We give you an all inclusive price out the door so you are not hit with any surprises.
Tire rotation is one of the easiest auto maintenance tasks to accomplish, but it's very important. Done properly, it can extend the life of your tires, improve your gas mileage and ensure that your car handles in a steady and predictable manner when you need to make a sudden turn or stop. Rotating the tires means moving the tires to different locations around the car so that they wear evenly.
Tire rotation schedules between every 3,000 - 7,000 miles.

         BRAKES & ROTORS



Brakes start at $89.00 for either front or rear. We also turn rotors which is recommended with every brake job.  We can change your calipers if needed as well.



Neglecting your braking system can lead to increased repair costs, or worse, no brakes at all. Fortunately, paying attention to some of the signs of brake wear can keep you on top of stopping maintenance, saving you some money and keeping your car from bouncing off of the guy in front of you.


The most obvious indicator that your vehicle's brakes need attention is an incredibly high pitched squeal when you come to a stop. Brake pad manufacturers include a little piece of metal called an indicator on the pad itself. When the material wears down to the point where less than ¼ inch is left, the metal piece begins to touch the vehicle's rotor, doing a pretty good impression of fingernails on a chalkboard. Depending on how hard you drive, that usually means you should replace your brake pads within the month.

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